I am very much looking forward to developing additional resources for one of our longstanding projects:

‘Retail Theatre’ evolved out of the Year 9 Retail Taster Days and has been amazingly successful in building awareness of the opportunities and pathways in the retail sector.  Students were so enthused by the experience that many of them expressed a desire to find out more information about career options. Student feedback comments included: “Learning about the design and layouts of shops was really interesting”, “It’s hard work and we learned about what shops need” and “I am definitely thinking about retail now”.

Please click to download the 2010 full project report: 2.9 Retail Theatre Resource V2

I am especially looking forward to developing additional angles to Retail Theatre with Deborah Millington who has been instrumental in its success over the years. Deborah is a Director of Red Border Ltd who are a specialist visual merchandising company who, along with their own consultancy and commissions, also run an educational programme raising awareness of the scope of the retail industry. Red Border Ltd

I met Deborah last week and was inspired by her passion for the exciting world of retail and feel sure we can dream up some additional activities to complement what’s already on offer. So I’m thinking something interactive, something that involves teamwork, something that offers a real insight and hands on experience of an aspect of retail.

Hmmm . . .


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