Major fans will be interested to know that there will be a permanent element of Mary at Westfield Stratford City. Within The Skills Place Newham Mary’s Guide to Successful Retailing will be offering all elements of her amazing course to small and medium businesses. I know it’s amazing because I experienced a course in Visual Merchandising yesterday. At Westfield London in actual fact.

For anyone who doesn’t know Mary Portas – here’s a pic:

She's the one in the middle!

 And you can check her out here: Info about Mary

Before participating in yesterday’s Visual Merchandising (VM) course I had been expecting a hands on experience designing displays and demonstrating placement of goods to show them off to their best advantage. But it really wasn’t much like that at all but, in actual fact, delivered information of depth and breadth way beyond what I was expecting. By the end  I felt I had acquired a comprehensive working knowledge of VM and, wandering back through Westfield on my way home, I even had a few moments of delight glancing into shops to check out my knowledge (anyone who knows me would laugh at this as I am certainly not a great ‘shopper’).

The excellent training was delivered by a lovely lady called Shalina Alabaksh. Shalina was a fantastic communicator and brought so much life and practical experience to the training it was like having a personally tailored conversation with an expert concerned only with my complete understanding. Quite a luxury in training experiences!

Anyway – the upshot being that now not only do I feel I can talk with authority about VM to groups of students, but I also have a number of different elements I can add to my project which should neatly fit into other aspects of the curriculum eg: Maths, Design Technology & Art to name but a few.

Can’t wait to try out this project after half term . . .


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