Chinese New Year Dragon by West Ham Primary School (2009)
I thought you’d enjoy this dragon I found in the Newham archives. I am using it to illustrate today’s story as we had a ‘Dragon’ visit Forest Gate School’s Imagine Project yesterday.
Our Dragon was in fact the rather wonderful Sapphire Gray who not only took the role of ‘interim’ dragon to help our student groups refine and develop their presentations. But she also spoke such words of inspiration that the groups returned from their session with her full of renewed enthusiasm and determination.
Interestingly, in my role of ‘teacher’ my opinion of the students’  ideas had decreasing credibility with them as I was “supposed to think they were good”. And, in a similar vein, some students stated that anyone who agreed to come in to be a Dragon would also automatically say all the ideas were good because that was what they were there for.
As it turned out Sapphire did in fact find a viable aspect in all their ideas. Not because she was expected to, but because the four ideas the students were working on were actually quite marketable. Sapphire then went on to not only explain how they could effectively capitalise on these ideas, but that she would personally support anyone who was interested in taking any of the ideas further. The students were positively buzzing.
A rather excellent session with a rather excellent Dragon methinks . . .

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