OK so during adolescence the limbic brain is extremely active and it craves novelty and new experiences. It’s the perfect time for young people to get out there and try loads of things, push themselves and see what they’re capable of.

It’s also a great time for them to get out and about for a very different reason: colleges, universities, work placements and jobs are handling hundreds of different applications  – it’s essential that a young person knows how to make their application stand out, in a good way.

One way to stand out is to volunteer for something. Either as a one-off or regular occurrence and there are thousands of opportunities for young people to have a go at something new throughout the UK.








Whilst I’m sounding a little like an ad for the UK voluntary service – I do have my own take on this worthwhile activity. Bar my first application for a teaching job, some nineteen years ago, every job before and since I have either got through word of mouth or some sort of voluntary activity. Voluntary work not only broadens your horizons, makes you more interesting as a candidate, brings you into a network of new people, it can also be your passport to the work and career that interests you the most.


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