End of year round-up

Posted: June 18, 2012 in Other News

This week I have been pulling together a report to summarise the activities that SCEP have been involved in during my first year. I have uploaded it here under ‘Newsletters’.

It was a great exercise looking back over the year at all the projects both large and small and remembering all the people that I have got to know over the year. I also included stats on how many young people, schools and community groups I have been in contact with and was amazed to tot it all up. We have run projects that have included almost 1,500 students (some from across the world – Mission X), have included half of our secondary schools and both our tertiary institutions. And although primary education was not really my remit, we have also managed to engage a handful of primary schools – particularly with the Caravanserai project. I also realised how many projects I have linked with either as local government initiatives, charitable organisations or community run groups. Not to mention all the businesses that have helped us out with projects or people.

This coming Steering Committee meeting (Weds 20th) will map out the aims and objectives of SCEP for the coming academic year and decide on targets. Ideally I would like to be able to have projects running in all the secondary schools, but this is not always achievable. It would be good also to embed projects like Lend Lease Buildings into Communities into more schools and get the retail game out to more students, now that it is undergoing rigorous testing by Sarah Bonnell’s.

Next year could look very different indeed . . .


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