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Yay – another SCEP blog is born – and this one has its own domain:

I’ve started it to help communication between me and the Class of 2012 that I’m working with at Forest Gate School for the next year.

As I wanted to be able to demonstrate ideas and information in an engaging way I decided to have, largely, video content on this new blog so that all the students have to do is look at it to find out what the next session will be about.

My first video was the most excellent ‘Teach me how to study’ by John Paul Stevens High School, San Antonio, Texas. I was so blown away by this video I wanted to see if it inspired the class. And yeah – it certainly did.

I would so love to see them produce their own version. And I think they would be keen enough to try . . .


I was chatting today with someone who owns a shop. We were discussing how he could ‘sell to the world’ irrespective of where his business was based. The advent of the internet and ease of global communication have allowed that to happen. We went on to talk about how he has changed his marketing strategy over the years to reflect not only the shifting local market, but also the emerging global one.

Not saying he was able to sell his products to anyone in the world (he sold large household furnishings – so certain logistics dictated delivery) but he found he now had the power to target his marketing to his specific niche market. Wherever they lived in, say, a 25 mile radius.

It got me thinking about who were are as individuals and our own individual ‘selling platform’.

Do we know who our market is. As employees, as business owners, as entrepreneurs? To we know who we specifically attractive to? Do we know who would love us to be part of their team? Do we know categorically what we have to offer so we can spend our time targeting only those who would be interested in us.

There’s an apt sales phrase ‘low hanging fruit’ meaning that you go for the easiest to pick first. If we all knew ourselves, our aptitudes, our skills, interests and talents so well that we could instantly see if any working scenario was going to be a good fit, it would waste less time sitting in unsuitable work. Attending inappropriate interviews and applying for jobs that make us feel down just by thinking about them.

This self-knowledge is what I’m building with my Year 8 programme at Forest Gate Community School.

Erik has some very interesting ideas. Erik Erikson that is, the psychologist and psychoanalyst world-renowned for his theories on human psychological development.

And it is through Erik that I take into account two distinct stages of development when planning my activities and projects in schools:

Stage 4: Industry v Inferiority (age 5-12 years)

Stage 5: Indentity v Role confusion (age 9-18 years)

To take an extremely detailed and absorbing work and distill it into a couple of sentences we need to give children at primary school activities that they can strive to achieve. And students at secondary school activities that help them discover who they are.

Next week I shall be starting the first of my Preparation for Key Stage 4 workshops in Forest Gate School. I’m really looking forward to how it will shape up as I have been given carte blanche to run a course for students full of all the things I think we can improve on in schools. Things like finding out who they are, how they operate, where they can see themselves fitting into the world of work, what special interests and passions they have and how they like to express themselves.

I met some of the group yesterday and it was great to see how lively and questioning they all were. My first task for them was to go on to Buzz Books’ site and do the quiz to find out what sort of Myers Briggs type they might be. Then we should have fun with the people who have had a chance to do it before the workshop on Monday and my money is on the fact that we have a large amount of E rather than I as the first letter.

For anyone not in the know and hasn’t a clue about what I am referring to – go on to the site and do the personality test yourself:

Oh and the picture detail of Road with Cypress and Star by Van Gogh? Well – I could say it was linked with the psychoanalysis references, but it’s much more to do with the fact that here is someone who was so clearly passionately connected with his life’s work. Fabulous!