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I spent Friday afternoon focussing on the content of the visual merchandising project currently in development – recently re-named Project:Realisation. I thought ideally it would be great to link in with a major retailer within Westfield and, amazingly, I bumped into the very person I needed to see at the opening of Skills Place Newham a couple of weeks back.

I was on an education / business development course some years ago and met Jane England who worked for John Lewis Partnership. Amazingly she is now working at Westfield and recognised me when we bumped into each other at Skills Place (it’s my hair – probably the only reason to have ‘interesting’ hair is that people remember you!) So that was a lovely chance meeting that enables me now to say that I very much hope John Lewis will be our showcase store for the VM project.

John Lewis at Stratford City
I took the opportunity to look around the store on Friday and, of course, it was brimming with different examples of VM in action. From traditional, very attractively laid out, shelving, to a ceiling installation in various departments with a collection of hanging ‘hands’ holding key merchandise. John Lewis have been in the business for such a long time – and through so many different economic climates – that they really know their shoppers, and what appeals to them.
I’m back in the John Lewis store meeting Jane tomorrow and can’t wait to hear what ideas she’ll add to the mix . . .