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That's where we're a-heading!

Yesterday I ran a very intensive session at Westfield. I had the pleasure of five Year 10 students from Eastlea School who had permission to come to the centre for the morning with the lovely Sajida Raja of 15Billion. These young people had been specially selected as their attendance was becoming an issue with the school. My role was to help encourage them to see a bigger picture about what they could achieve, school being a key part of their plans for success.

We looked around the centre and discussed how some of the shops were born out of  ‘failure’ (check out Foyles history), how some had been accidentally successful (Forever 21) and how some had simply grown from a single service (John Lewis). We watched people queuing up to get into shops as soon as they opened, keen to spend their money. We noticed how shops enticed visitors to spend more and talked about credit cards and what they really represent. Looking at the Olympic site from inside John Lewis’ and then outside (bracing wind!) we discussed all the new developments that are coming to the area and how they were all perfectly poised to take advantage of them . . . if they wanted to.
I put to the group that were Four Secrets to Success that could help them make the most of themselves:
  1. Get to know yourself – be aware of what you love doing and what you need to learn to be even more effective
  2. Understand what you need to do to get what you want – understand the system you’re in and make it work for you.
  3. Find people who are doing what you want to do. Watch and listen to what they’re doing and copy them.
  4. Never, ever give up. By this I mean settle into something you don’t like because you think there are no alternatives. Ask for help, review your ideas, check your habits DO SOMETHING.

We also discussed what were good habits (getting up in time to go to school!) and less helpful ones (not having a pen). And I asked them to think about where would they be in life in five years time if they kept all their bad habits. How about 25 years?

What if they adopted one good habit? How would that change their life in five years? Or over 25 years?

Good questions for anyone to ponder on . . .