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Today I took a group of students from Newham College of Further Education on a tour of Westfield to look at the shop brands and understand a little about how they came into being.

We started with a list of ten shops and a grid with ten dates in it ranging from 1864 to 2009. First task was to decide which shop brands were the oldest and which ones were only a few years old, but were still big enough to be in Westfield. Then we went to each shop and talked about who founded it and why and – which I find fascinating – what age the founder was when they established the brand. Some started as young as 18 – others were well into their 40’s or 50’s. The average being mid 30’s.

Even more interesting was the variety of reasons the founders had for starting their business. For some it was an extension of their job or trade. Some needed to make money and decided to open a shop. Some people saw a business opportunity And some people did it because they simply loved making things and selling them.

So the upshot and learning we have for this to inform us how best to start a brand? Er.. there isn’t a formula I’m afraid. But Sharmadean Reid, owner of the newest brand Wah Nails,  has done particularly well in a relatively short space of time…

Sharmadean Reid