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And here at SCEP Towers we’re gearing up to present NEBP’s new menu of offer to schools. As SCEP is part of NEBP’s work related learning offer I’ve been working on presenting a few additional programmes.

We’re incredibly fortunate to have Newham’s Skills Place at Westfield which is entirely devoted to running training connected to the retail industry. They have offered us an opportunity combine one of our courses with a retail certificate and chance to interview for an apprenticeship place.

At NEBP we think this is a great offer to schools and have added to it with an offer of our own to give students a whole day focussed on skills directly needed for the workplace. By providing a complete, ‘joined-up’ programme offering a real step into the workplace we hope schools will be keen to incorporate it into the curriculum for students more suited to this kind of learning.

This is a great example of the kinds of ways NEBP can work with SCEP to produce new curriculum options that could make a real difference to young people in Newham. NEBP’s new Menu of Offer will contain a number of SCEP projects that have become established enough to be offered alongside the more regular programmes.