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Today I wanted to write about something that’s so close to my heart that I almost overlook it.

It’s not a skill or a talent. It’s a natural gift in some – but everyone can choose to have it, if they want it.

It’s optimism.

Many people (pessimists some might call them) refuse to see the world through optimistic eyes as they think it’s unrealistic. The truth is that over optimism is possibly damaging, so it’s realistic optimism we’re aiming for here.

The kind of optimism that allows you to roll with the punches that life can throw. The kind of optimism that provides you with resources to keep finding creative solutions when all the options seem to be closing down. The kind of optimism that can raise someone else’s spirits enough for them to pick up momentum again.

As I said this kind of optimism can be learned and practised until it’s second nature.

And while your A*-C’s will get you to the next stage in life, whatever that may be. The choice of optimism will accompany you throughout your life and serve you, and others, over and over and over again 🙂