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So then, the schools are all closed now in Newham and the work of the summer begins.

I began my time with SCEP this time last year. The first few weeks and months of my summer last year were spent trying to grasp the concept and scope of all the projects that had taken place over the previous years. This year the summer activities with SCEP will be focussing on extending and embedding the projects we have focussed on last year. Also we have the materials to write for Siemen’s Crystal which is opening for schools in the new term.

Over the last year I have spent time getting back up to speed with the schools in Newham, where some have re-located to, who is new and who is still teaching on some 18 years after I first came to the borough. The changes I have seen alone in those some twenty years have been astonishing. The pace at which the part of east London has been regenerating has never let up. With or without the Olympics, Newham was ripe for bringing into the 21st century as a part of a new and emerging London. And now there’s real, tangible evidence of it all around us. It’s still simply the most exciting borough to be working in. I might even add it’s possibly the most exciting place in the UK.

Here’s to the next year 🙂