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We had a very interesting ‘visit’ from Lord Sugar in the Imagine project last week.

Did Lord Sugar really come to Forest Gate?

The class were discussing success and what forms it could take, critically not always financial. Then discussion moved on to who, in their eyes, was successful and in what kind of ways. Taking the list of people this discussion generated I asked which person would be the most useful to have in the room for the Imagine project.

The class decided that a visit from Lord Sugar would be useful as they could ask questions about their ideas for Stratford City. And, as if by magic, Lord Sugar appeared . . .

Well, actually, he was admirably channelled by a young guy called Lekan, who immediately assumed the gravitas and stature of Lord Sugar. It was a very entertaining twenty minutes whilst the class basically badgered him for money and he responded by asking what it was for and why should he give it.

The basis for this type of exercise is from a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique called modelling, when you assume the essence of someone who you think would be useful to have with you. I used this technique some years back when I was being ignored in a Currys Electrical store (that’s how long ago that was!) and decided that Carol Vorderman wouldn’t tolerate it. So, assuming her expectation of being served, I strolled up to some nearby chatting staff and sweetly requested their attention. It worked a treat.

Try it next time you’re not sure how to proceed with a situation. Conjure up the entrepreneurial essence of the late great Anita Roddick, the self-promotion quirkiness of queen Lady Gaga, the determination of Lance Armstrong, the business eyes of any of the Dragons or the humble compassion of Mother Theresa . . .


Next week a group of students from Rokeby School will be visiting Westfield at the as part of their GCSE Geography coursework. They will be there to make comparisons between the Stratford Shopping Centre and Westfield, observing the how each serve the needs of the local population. Should make interesting reading!

I was unable to accompany the tour but put together some materials to allow them to do a self-tour. As I walked through the proposed tour last Tuesday I thought I’d take some photos to illustrate the various points. Looking back on the photos as I put the tour together I laughed as it was so dreary, rainy and dark that day.

Not the best day for a photoshoot!

I think I should nip around again when the weather is a bit brighter so that at least the tour photos will be cheery whatever the weather on the day of the tour.

I will add the tour materials to this blog under Projects above.

 . . . is a well-known resource base where teachers can upload their own materials to share with other educators. It is very easy to see how many people have looked at the resources and users can actually rate your materials and ‘like’ them to show others that they are worth looking at.

SCEP has uploaded some very popular resources over the years and the past projects have been well received by other professionals in education. Particularly the resources related directly to the curriculum. But, having spent some time looking into other resources available in the ‘careers’ section it strikes me that there are very few large resources like work books and packages of materials.

Is this due to the fact that:

  1. Teachers just aren’t producing such things anymore?
  2. Teachers are producing materials but not having the time or inclination  to upload them to the site?
  3. Any professional outfit producing materials are doing it for profit, not free download?

I’m sure I don’t know, but I do know that my remit is very much to get good quality resources out in the name of SCEP for anyone to download and use for free. Hopefully spreading the message about what’s been going on in this part of the world so it can be used, adapted and valued by other schools with similar agendas. It’s only right that funded project such as SCEP produces a quality legacy that lives on long past the end of the funding.

And I love the fact that SCEP could give a teacher as much joy as I experienced when discovering ready-made resources that I knew would excite and inspire my young learners.